YTC-inspired Song by Andnowthemoon

The über-talented Andnowthemoon wrote and recorded this beautiful song for me, inspired by "Your True Colors", which seriously brought tears to my eyes.

When I asked her what earned me the honor, she said this:
"I don’t really know why I wrote it either, other than YTC is such a captivating story and you’re a songwriter too, and I felt inspired…"
Well, who am I to question that reason, and wow... I'm still blown away! Such a sweet song, with the lyrics right on the nail, and she sings it beautifully. I just HAD to make a little video for it. Enjoy!!


I'm going to introduce you to the shining talent and personality of this artist in full extend soon on my other blog bettimusictwilight. Stay tuned...
(and now back to finishing chp 20...)


HG from Trueblood Twilight said...

That's awesome. I mean, seriously, awesome. I'm touched that someone was that inspired by your story. Beautiful song and video!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

This video is soooo amazing and the song makes me tear up...
Well, you know me .. but it's beautiful!
simply beautiful!

RaShell said...

Very nice, both video and song. So much talent all around! :)

Clare said...

Wow. Talk about talented ladies. Just love the song, it really fits the story. And, of course, your animations are excellent Betti. Brilliant. hugs Clare x