OMFG! RL Kiddo!!!

Like many (or at least some)
of you know... Kiddo a.k.a.
RPattz 2.0 has his origin in
my Real Life.

He's on my train occasionally,
and I'd been shamelessly
swooning over him for
months before the idea for
"Your True Colors"
came to my mind.

Today I finally got my shit
together and took pics
of him with my mobile.



Ok, they are really crappy
and blurry, because my
darn mobile doesn't take
good pics.

Plus the train was jolting
But still...


The tight shirt? *gasp*
The toned chest and arms?

And the effing JAWPORN
in the second pic????



RaShell said...

wow, you were not kidding! The resemblance is certainly there, and even if it wasn't, the boy looks simply delicious. But I agree, pictures could've been better! So, this is what you should do (are you writing this down?)! Go get the real camera, with a fancy zoom lens (like a real paparazzi that you are) set it up on a tripod and start clicking. If the poor handsome creature will inquire about your strange activities, a) One more reason for you to talk to him, b) you can tell him that 100s of swooning women of "certain age" around the world can use some eye candy, c) skip the talk, drag him out of the train and start making out on the dark streets :)

uhyesplease said...

Rashell has definitely got the right idea....

I could seriously interchange his jawline with my avi - and no one would notice!!!


Sarah said...

Ahhhh! He's absolutely dreamylicious. I totally see the draw.

One Pushy Fox said...

Oh so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm dying!! And I also agree with Rashell, RL Edward needs some RL time in the RL dark!!!!

Smuttier Than You said...

*GASP* Oh Betti!!! *Fans self* VERY NICE!!!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

OoOoOooo you did it!! You finally did it and took pictures i am soooo proud of you!!!

Freaking yes he looks so cute, lost in a book and yes I agree the second pick ... *swoon*

Betti made the photo, Betti made the photo, Betti made the photo *sings*

millehudiata said...

*wide eyes* I absolutely AGREE with them!!
He's definitely H-O-T! SUper Uber 100% jaw dropper!! LOL! can't help but stare to this poor beautiful creature reading his whatever book it was..=)

Clare said...

Holy sh**! bloody hell! OMG! Wow. Struck dumb! I see what you mean. No wonder you're fascinated. Please please please try and get some more pics. Yum. Then we can all drool some more. Have to say I agree with RaShell. All I can say is he'd definitely brighten my journey to work!!! hugs Clare xxx
PS thanks for sneak peak at ch17. Can't wait for the update!! More squeals on the way, I can feel it! LOL

Nachos4Children said...

Woah. And wow.